Thousands of years ago, Michigan was covered with vast glacial ice sheets thousands of feet deep. When these glaciers receded, they left behind boulders called glacial erratics. These boulders were dragged from far away and were unexpectedly dropped here in a new home. 

Sometimes we feel like those erratics. We are not from here. We never expected to be here. But our circumstances changed and life brought us here. This place has become our new home. We relocated to Michigan just a handful of years ago. We did not expect the move but decided, as a family, to embrace it as a new adventure.

Erratic Ale Co. is a family owned and operated nanobrewery. Brian is the brewer. Deb works on the books. Our family and friends keep the taproom and kitchen running smoothly. We all work together to provide you great small-batch beer brewed and served in house in Dexter.

We are happy to be in our new home.