Below are a few of our beers, they might not all be on tap right now, but we try to keep a fresh rotating beer selection with 9-10 beers on tap. Look for ▶︎ to indicate which ones are currently on tap.

Current Beers on Tap

▶︎GOOD NEIGHBOR TAP: Meet Patches, our Irish Red Ale. It’s an easy going malty ale with just enough roasted malt edge to keep the finish dry. Maybe you can dodge a wrench, but don’t dodge this beer.  Cheers!

▶︎Meet O.B.D. This is our Belgian Dubbel inspired by the monastic beers of Belgium. Deep amber and full of dark fruit and spice flavors, this beer is one to sip and savor. Three out of three brothers- Larry, Darryl and his other brother Darryl-  highly recommend you try this beer. Cheers!

▶︎Meet Good For The Soul.  This is our juicy IPA. We dry hop this one with three different varieties to provide plenty of juicy citrus flavor.  Grapefruit. Juicy fruit. It’s good for the soul. Cheers!

▶︎Meet Brother Magnus, the big brother of our dubbel. Brother Magnus, a Belgian Tripel, is pale in color but full of flavor and aroma from the Belgian yeast and a touch of honey added to the boil. No need to take a vow of silence. In fact, we hope you like it enough to tell everyone to try it.  Cheers!

▶︎Meet Just Jack our Pumpkin Spiced Ale. Just Jack, features subtle warmth and depth from additions of pumpkin, whole vanilla beans and pumpkin pic spices.  He is destined to be the star of any autumnal beer flight. He’s Just Jack! Cheers!

▶︎Meet Mocktoberfest. This autumn treat has generous amounts of the Munich and Vienna malts that you’d find in a traditional festbier, but then we………Ok, we’re busted!  We didn’t get an early enough start to do this one as a lager, so we did it as an ale. It’s still full of malty goodness and warm toasty flavors for fall, though. Cheers!

▶︎Meet Slow Foamy Killer. When the weather heats up and OBD and Brother Magnus go on vacation up north, Slow Foamy Killer is here to pick up the slack. We use our favorite abbey style yeast with rich malts and spicy hops to make this take on a Belgian Style Pale Ale. Session strength but still full of flavor, it’s great for warm summer nights on the patio. Cheers!

▶︎Meet Lost in Translation. This is our Blonde Ale finished with Cashmere hops. Crisp and refreshing, it’s perfect for those days when the sun beats down upon your face or those nights when stars fill your dreams. Subtle citrus and tropical fruit notes from the hops make this a beer that anyone can understand. Cheers!

▶︎Meet Murdered by Pirates. Tropical hibiscus gives it a rosy hue, Indian coriander lends subtle spice and a touch of sea salt rounds out the tart finish of this sour ale. Just ask any of us what’s good here. We’ll tell you, “Murdered by Pirates is good!”  Cheers!

▶︎Meet Sordid Details. This is our take on an American style Saison. The Belgian yeast gives it a fantastic balance of fruit and spice with just enough finishing hops to carry that fruit through the finish. Which hops? That’s our dirty little secret. Cheers!

▶︎Meet Bingo Jed. This is another one of our American style Saisons. The fruit and spice from our favorite Saison yeast plays well with the white wine and citrus notes of the Nelson Sauvin hops. The idea for this one came during a long drive on the highway listening to Steve Miller tunes. You know, Bingo Jed had a light on… At least I think that’s how it goes.  Cheers!

▶︎Meet Shadows! SHADOWS! Our dry stout. Nothing heavy and sweet here. This one is lean, dry and roasty. Do you know what stout looks like in a black and white picture? Cheers!

Past Great Beers (look for them to come back around)

Meet Bold Strategy!! You know who the heavy hitters are. They are the classic IPAs that rank near the top of every best beer list year in and year out. They are fantastic beers and deserve to be there. Can our IPA go toe to toe with them? As a famous sports commentator once said, “It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ‘em.”

Meet Hints and Allegations. This amber ale is full of caramel malt richness with just enough Cascade and Willamette hops to keep it balanced. If you had a rough day full of incidents and accidents this is just the beer to help get you through. You can think of it as your personal bodyguard and long-lost pal. Cheers!

Meet You Are the Brute Squad, our Brut IPA. Extra dry and crisp with plenty of hop character, You Are the Brute Squad is the perfect beer when you’re storming the castle or when you have your wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it. So, everybody MOVE! & have a You Are the Brute Squad. Cheers!

Meet You Better Brett! We took our pale ale, finished it with Mosaic hops, and fermented it with Brettanomyces yeast. The result is s fun combination of tropical fruit aroma and subtle, rustic earthiness. Is this your typical Pale Ale? nNo, it certainly isn’t. Is this the next one you should try? You Better Brett it is!

Meet ⭕️?❌, our dry hopped wheat beer and perhaps the best problem solver ever. If you have an important decision to make you can never go wrong if you start with a matrix and ⭕️?❌. Should I take that trip? ⭕️?❌ it! Should I switch jobs? ⭕️?❌ it! Should I marry that special someone? Well, that’s up to you, but ⭕️?❌,  will be there for you while you figure that one out. Cheers! ( for my friends at Toyota)

Meet Knocking on Kevin’s Door. I tell people my brother is a bourbon guy. But more than that, he is an all-around great guy. He’s a terrific dad and husband. He’s a loyal friend. Of course, he’s also the best brother one could ever have. So, this Bourbon Barrel Aged Amber Ale was created for him, but it will never be as awesome as he is. Here’s to my brother, Kevin! Cheers! (Bottle conditioned in Bombers only)

Meet Jhonnu. No, not Johnny, Jhonnu. Really!  Jhonnu is our pale ale finished with Citra hops. Nice and crisp with citrus aromas. Great for a hot summer day. Cheers!

Meet It Is What It Is. This is our amber ale with solid combination of rich malt and Pacific Northwest hops. It’s not flashy. It’s not trendy. It’s not cool. It just is what it is. Sometimes that’s all you need. Cheers!

Meet Serious Black. When the winter days get short and the nights get long, we drink our dark beers and dream about the days when the sun will shine again. Serious Black comes to the rescue. Roasted wheat malt makes this Dark Saison look like a stout but it still drinks crisp, fruity and spicy like the golden beers it’s based on. Yes, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, thanks to Serious Black. Cheers!

Meet Simi and the Whale. We took our sweet stout and added a blend of chai tea inspired spices for extra warmth and depth. Reach out your hand and pick up a pint of deep, dark, spicy goodness. Perhaps it will be just the thing to send you on your way. To where? That’s entirely up to you. 

Meet Simi and The Barrel. A little bit of Simi and the Whale was sent on its way into some freshly emptied bourbon barrels. While it was relaxing there for a while, it picked up some fantastic bourbon flavor and aroma to complement its blend of warming chai tea spices.  It will definitely send you on your way to your happy place. (Bottle conditioned in Bombers only)

Meet 7 is the Key. Northeast meets Northwest in this IPA. A generous charge of Idaho 7 hops provides tropical fruit flavors and aromas of a New England IPA against a backdrop of the firm bitterness and crisp finish of a West Coast IPA. 7 elevens, 7 dwarves, 7 little chipmunks. Clearly 7 is The Key. Cheers!

We also offer some finger foods.

We are also happy to have you support local Dexter restaurants and bring it over to our place to enjoy with a beer.